#1 Booster Club Software

Just nine months after launch, BoosterHub software sprinted past the $1 million threshold in gross merchandise volume (GMV). Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides booster clubs with the integrated tools they need to increase sales, manage events, streamline planning processes, keep parents in the loop, and deliver for their student athletes.

What is BoosterHub?

BoosterHub is a software platform built specifically for high school booster clubs, such as sports boosters, umbrella athletic organizations, band and other music boosters, theater boosters, parent/teacher/student organizations, and more. As a SaaS solution, BoosterHub is available at an affordable annual fee, meaning it is easier than ever for booster clubs to get the tech they need to thrive. 

As a true do-it-all platform, BoosterHub takes the hassle out of managing booster club activities. It even provides point-of-sale solutions so that clubs can easily manage their own apparel stores, sell sponsorships, memberships, tickets, and process payments at concession stands.

Why Booster Clubs Love Our Software

When we say that BoosterHub can do it all, we mean all of it. Most booster clubs use as many as a dozen or more software solutions to deal with the variety of needs of the club, each with its own fees, subscriptions, and login hassles. With BoosterHub, that collection of software solutions is no longer needed and can be replaced with only one. BoosterHub enables high school booster clubs to:

Build Their Own Website

When booster clubs sign up for BoosterHub, they also get their very own smart website. The website can be set up in minutes and is incredibly easy to maintain. Our user-friendly interface enables just about anyone to build and customize their site. We know that booster club volunteers turn over every year, so it is important that the new volunteer building and maintaining the website feels comfortable making the necessary changes without needing to be a website expert.

Perform Accounting Functions

Managing the finances of a booster club can be a big job and take a lot of time. It also comes with a high level of responsibility, as many booster clubs do thousands, tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year. BoosterHub automates many of the accounting tasks, making the Treasurer’s role much easier. It also adds checks and balances to help reduce fraud and theft. Our goal is to effectively provide guard rails, so that the volunteers performing the financial tasks in BoosterHub are marshaled toward successfully, securely, and swiftly accomplishing their tasks.

Create and Manage Digital Calendars

Keeping up with overlapping events during the height of sports season can feel like an impossible task. With BoosterHub, club members can manage their schedules with ease. Our platform allows users to effortlessly create public and private calendars so they can keep everyone in the loop. Events such as games and fundraisers can be on the public calendar, while practices and other details can be for the team’s eyes only. Parents can be members of multiple BoosterHub club’s at the same time, all through the same app, if one child is in the marching band and another is playing football, for example.

Process Concession Payments

BoosterHub’s built-in payment processing tools enable booster clubs to unify accounting and sales processes. They can accept digital wallet payments and card-based transactions at the concession stand or online. Giving supporters more ways to pay can boost sales and speed up transaction times in the middle of sporting events. The last thing you want your volunteers doing when running a concession stand line is to be counting out nickels and dimes. With BoosterHub’s payment processing tools, you can quickly complete sales, keep those concession lines moving, and get those parents back out into the stands to cheer on the team!

Communicate with Ease

Chat, BoosterHub’s internal communication tool, allows parents and booster club members to chat in a secure forum, with the latest in chat security and best practices for school communications. This feature helps booster club members set clear boundaries with parents and students by eliminating the need to exchange phone numbers or “friend” one another on social platforms. It is easy to create and manage chat groups to reach specific sets of parents, players, coaches, and teachers. If the coach needs to send a message to only the parents of the varsity players, for example, these types of groups are easy to create within our tag system.

Experience the Leading Booster Club Software for Yourself

After learning about the diverse set of tools included in BoosterHub, it should come as no surprise that it quickly became a leading booster club software. Many clubs are transitioning from their older software to BoosterHub to take advantage of the full system integration. If you want to learn what all the hype is about, you should consider trying it for yourself! BoosterHub offers a 45-day free trial so that booster clubs can do a deeper dive into the platform and play around with the tools at their leisure. BoosterHub live chat support is available to answer any questions you have, and a free software demo via zoom is available and encouraged, so that the BoosterHub team can get to know each club’s needs and speak directly to how best to transition from the club’s old software to BoosterHub.

Implementing an all-in-one booster club management system can help you effortlessly track sales, gather information for tax documents, communicate with volunteers, schedule events, boost engagement, and generate funds for your school. Best of all, using BoosterHub will give you more time to do what you really want to do: be your child’s number one fan. BoosterHub’s tools cut many hours of arduous, behind the scenes volunteer work that many volunteers put in every year. We thank you volunteers for all the work you do. We know volunteering can be a thankless task sometimes. You make it possible for all of our children to thrive. Let us help YOU now. Check out BoosterHub to learn more.