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Building Infrastructure for Good with Marsha Sray of East View Patriot Band Boosters

In today's world, being part of a community often means getting involved in various organizations and clubs. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is by joining a booster club. But what does it actually take to run a booster club successfully, and how can you make sure your efforts are making a positive impact? In this episode of The Boosted Volunteer, we sit down with Marsha Sray, the President of East View Band Boosters, to discuss the challenges and strategies involved in running a booster club. From fundraising to volunteer recruitment, Marsha shares her experience and insights on how to make booster clubs successful and fulfilling for everyone involved. So join us for an insightful conversation and learn from Marsha's wealth of knowledge and experience!

Managing Risks For Booster Clubs with Kerri McDonald, CPCU at R.V. Nuccio

In the world of nonprofit organizations and booster clubs, it's essential to protect your group and its members from potential risks and liabilities. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Kerri McDonald, a CPCU from RV Nucio and Associates. With years of experience in managing liability and risk for nonprofits, Kerri is the perfect person to talk to about the importance of insurance for PTA organizations and booster clubs. Her expertise in proper event planning and safety guides for events will undoubtedly provide valuable tips and recommendations for best practices. So, sit back and tune in to this episode to get updated on how to manage your organization's liability and risk effectively.

Booster Club Non Profit Accounting Best Practices with Emily Meek, CPA

Managing finances is crucial for any organization, be it a for-profit business or a nonprofit organization. However, accounting practices for nonprofit organizations can be significantly different from those of for-profit businesses. Yet, how can you ensure smooth accounting practices in non-profit organizations? In this episode of The Boosted Volunteer, we are thrilled to have Emily Meek, Chief Financial Officer of Mountain Parks Electric and founder/CEO of Skull Creek CPA, as our guest. Emily discusses the key differences between nonprofit accounting and for-profit accounting. She also sheds light on the best practices for maintaining accurate financial records and offers insights on ways to limit theft in booster clubs. Don't miss out on this informative episode. Tune in now to gain valuable insights into accounting practices!

Parent Booster USA: Navigating The Federal And State Regulation For School Support Groups

As a school support organization, handling government paperwork and complying with laws can be a daunting task. From state registration to deadline tracking and compliance assistance, there are numerous aspects to consider. However, with the right support, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. In today's episode of The Boosted Volunteer, we are joined by Drew Englund, the Chief operating officer of Parent Booster USA. We will explore how one organization, Parent Booster USA, is helping school groups navigate these challenges. We'll discuss the resources they offer, membership services for tax exemption, and the benefits of obtaining tax-exempt status and incorporating for liability protection and tax avoidance. Additionally, we'll touch on some important considerations for school support organizations, such as collecting and remitting sales tax, avoiding conflicts of interest, and preventing embezzlement. So, let's dive in and learn how Parent Booster USA is making a difference in supporting school groups!

Volunteering: The Ultimate Act of Kindness with Brett Dew of GHS Lady Eagles Volleyball

Volunteering is a way you can give your time, offer skills or lend resources to someone who needs it. It's a valuable way of building community and encouraging collaboration, but does volunteering do anything for the giver as well? In today's episode of The Boosted Volunteer, we are joined by Brett Dew. He is the president of the Lady Eagles volleyball program and the owner of Blaze Medical. Tune in now and be inspired!

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Robin Eissler
Robin Eissler
Team Mom, Founder & CEO

Robin Eissler is Team Mom, Founder & CEO of BoosterHub, a software app designed specifically for high school booster clubs. In 2017 she sold her successful aircraft sales business and was immediately roped into being the President of her daughter's volleyball booster club. She discovered that the skills and tools needed for running a business were the same skills and tools needed to run the booster club (a small non-profit business). While leading the club through two successful years (including a record breaking fundraising year during COVID) she also discovered the tools for volunteer managed organizations either were terrible or did not exist. She's spent the last three years creating tools. It's now time to tell the stories!

Evan Eissler
Evan Eissler
BoosterHub Vice President

Evan Eissler is Vice President of BoosterHub, a software company built specifically for high school booster clubs. He has experience in online media, app development and is a professional drone photographer. As a former soccer player, he watched booster clubs in action at the field level! Evan is currently studying Computer Science at Texas Christian University. He has a passion for learning and is always looking for his next challenge!