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BoosterHub offers contacts, calendars, website, email, chat, photos, accounting, credit card payments, tickets and so much more all in one easy-to-use platform.

A Better Booster Club

Connect your Club!
Simplify Communications

An all-in-one App
Easily build groups with tags such as Parent, Student, Varsity, JV or Marching Band.
Send, quick important messages with Announcements and SMS. Great for updating when thebus will arive.
Use Chat for parent engagement. Members can communicate without having to “friend” toadd to their contact list.
Build beautiful Emails to keep members and your community informed. No more messyBCCs!
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Get Parents Involved!
Boost Volunteer Activity

Increase booster club Volunteers by making it easy (one button!)
Centralize your Calendar and events. One location for all events.
Store Files in one location, with no permissions issues
Provide tools for Booster Members to communicate

Booster Club Success Stories

New Braunfels Band Booster Hits High Note With Enhanced Operation and Engagement

The New Braunfels High School Band Booster, located in New Braunfels, Texas, is a dedicated support organization for the high school's band program. As a 6A high school, the band competes at the highest level among Texas schools to ensure band members receive top-tier opportunities. This past year the program boasted a membership of approximately 270 students who participated in the marching season and concert season in the spring. Under the leadership of Jennifer Martin, the current president, the booster club manages a substantial budget of about $500,000 for this year's activities. This budget covers all program expenses not funded by the district, including band and meal fees to ensure operations are efficient and responsive to our members' needs.

@ New Braunfels Band
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Tivy High School Booster Club Raises $25,000 with BoosterHub

The Tivy High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization that raises funds for and provides support to all Kerrville ISD Athletics. Lisa Dyal is the annual chairperson of a branch of the booster club, called Project Graduation. Every year in May, the booster club hosts Project Graduation—a night of celebration for graduating seniors. Project Graduation coordinates efforts to provide a post-graduation party, complete with dinner, prizes, and entertainment, celebrating the achievements of the graduating class in a secure environment.

@Tivy Project Graduation
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Round Rock Volleyball Is Ahead of the Game by Using BoosterHub MVP

After each sports season, the coaching staff gets together to review what went well and what they can do better next year. Often, coaches will turn to league winners for inspiration. During this process, they analyze film, look at stats, and explore ways to incorporate these insights into their own coaching strategies. Your athletic booster club can apply these same principles to get better at fundraising during the off-season. On that note, let’s turn our attention to the Round Rock Volleyball booster club and how they’re delivering for student athletes with BoosterHub.

@ Round Rock Volleyball
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GHS Volleyball Booster Club Boosts Participation by 60% with BoosterHub

BoosterHub’s all-in-one platform transforms GHS Lady Eagles Volleyball Club’s membership management, fundraising, and communications to help them elevate their game and achieve their goals.

@ GHS Lady Eagles Volleyball
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Raise More Money!
Easy Tools for E-Commerce, Events & Fundraising

Automate collecting dues and fees with Payment Plan
Sell QR code tickets with BoosterSTUB
Easily accept credit cards, ACH Payments and Apple and Google Pay
Simplify your Concession sales
Fundraise with ease! Keep 95%!
Build an Online Store to sell sponsorships, collect dues and sell items.

Run Your Booster Club
Like a Champ!
Manage 501(c)3 Responsibly

Financial visibility across multiple board members
Digital document trail
Cash accountability tools
Simple training tools for easy board turnover
Integrated Accounting, eliminating data entry

Give Parents More Time to
Be The #1 Fan!

Save time
Have fun
Be present
Maximize the impact of your volunteers

clubs are loving boosterhub,
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“BoosterHub is a game changer. Our club was using 18 different solutions. Now we have one login that does it all.”

Karri @ Lady Eagles Volleyball

"You all are so easy to work with and responsive - thank you!"

Kristin @ Husky Athletics

"Every single thing Eagle Tennis does is handled by BoosterHub. Every. Single. Thing. Our lives just got a lot simpler!"

LaWana @ Eagle Tennis

"Being able to accept credit cards at concessions is a big boost for our club."

Jose @ Georgetown Soccer

"After years of trying to find the right solution for our athletic booster's needs, we have found it in BoosterHub! From the ease of use and set up to the top notch customer service, we couldn't be happier."

Lauren @ Oakwood Athletic Boosters

"People are reaching out and asking me how they can help since they can see what's going on. They see the events, access that information, and see where help is required. It's allowed people to step up on their own and want to volunteer, not always having me pressure them to do it. The platform enables them to go out there and see opportunities that might fit them best to help the program.”

Brett @ GHS Volleyball

Finding Booster Hub has been pivotal to the success and growth of our athletic booster club. The BoosterHub software has allowed us to bring all those systems (Volunteer Opportunities, Calendars, Website, Accounting, Online Store, News Articles, Communications) into one central location and it looks and feels very professional. Everyone likes easy, right!

Jason @ Bailey Middle School Bronco Athletic Booster Club

“Our club was new to BoosterHub this year. We had been using a variety of different apps and software systems, creating confusion and disorganization. With BoosterHub we were able to integrate all of our booster activities into one system. We also elected to use the MVP onboarding option in which BoosterHub moves all the data over and sets everything up for us. This made the process seamless and simple. We are ready for our season four months early!”

Jennifer @ Round Rock Volleyball

"I would like to thank the amazing people at Booster Hub who have transformed our booster club website. Booster Hub is quick to solve our problems, with kindness and grace. Booster Hub makes communicating with our members quick and easy. The streamlining of all the announcements, news, events and the store have made life so much easier for our organization. Dawson Football Booster Club is grateful for the support of Booster Hub."

Melissa @ Dawson Football

“Being able to accept credit cards at our concession stand, sell things online and coordinate all volunteers in one place has made my job much easier. BoosterHub is not only less expensive than other platforms, it is easier to use and navigate. I find it’s an essential tool for our club.”

Casi @ Lady Patriots Basketball

“I’m a senior parent and exiting our booster club this year. When I saw BoosterHub, it made me want to stay longer and run our club with all these awesome tools!”

Owen @ Deep Run Wildcat Band Boosters

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