Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Booster clubs are filled with dedicated parents who want the best for their kids, but few have fundraising training or experience. Many booster club fundraising ideas may seem like they’ll work, but it's critical to pick a project that your group is passionate about. Your booster club can turn these ideas into innovative fundraising strategies with a little imagination. That way, you will not only raise funds but also attract more people to join your booster club.

It's important to consider the time involved in setting up a fundraiser and any fees associated with the program. Some fundraising platforms and programs charge as much as 40% of the fundraising proceeds. Make sure that the results are worth the time and effort put into the program.

Online Booster Club Fundraising Campaigns

So many fundraising platforms exist to help programs like yours. Ask a few members of your booster club who are actively online to launch a campaign. Share your experiences, passions, your club's purpose, and photos for the campaign. Give the public a reason to contribute to your school and show how it contributes to your community. Ask people involved in your school to share information with their friends and family on the internet to raise funds for your booster club.These type of fundraisers work best if you have good communication channels. Make sure that you announce the fundraiser and then promote it often.

Restaurant Nights

You may have spotted other clubs in your community hosting a booster club fundraising night at a local restaurant. These events are much easier to organize than you might imagine, and the restaurants enjoy them. Some restaurants will collaborate with you and share a portion of their revenues with you throughout the night. Your only duty is to get the word out to your supporters about this fundraising event and draw a crowd. Again, communication is the key.