Booster Club Fundraising Tips

Booster clubs are wonderful organizations, often supported by dedicated parents. However, most members do not have fundraising experience. It’s not easy to come up with fun and engaging booster club fundraising ideas. 

Even if an idea seems like a good one in theory, it can be difficult and expensive to organize. Some fundraising partners and platforms charge as much as 40% of the proceeds. In addition, busy parents often don’t have the time required to organize a large event, or even attend one. 

For these reasons, it’s critical that you think carefully about the best ways to maximize engagement and boost attendance. Here are a few ideas for booster club fundraising.

Boost Attendance with a Restaurant Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser at a restaurant is one of the easiest and fastest ways to put an event together. Local restaurants are often more than happy to host a booster club night and share a portion of their revenues with you. 

Parents and supporters are more likely to attend because attending a dinner doesn’t require a lot of commitment. It’s also affordable. You can organize several restaurant fundraisers throughout the year to give supporters multiple chances to attend. 

Restaurant fundraisers also give you the opportunity to invite the kids you’re raising funds for, and they can make a connection with supporters in the community. Your only real challenge is getting the word out so that as many people as possible know about the event.

Keep It Simple and Try an Online Fundraiser

For busy parents, online fundraisers are often the easiest way for them to support the club. If you’re using software, like BoosterHub, to organize the fundraiser, it doesn’t take much time or effort to set up. 

Within just a few minutes you can complete the setup and start promoting your campaign. Parents can simply click a few links to support the club. In addition, online fundraisers significantly expand your reach because there’s no limit to the audience. Make sure to send your campaign to groups that may be interested, including:

  • Club alumni
  • Local businesses
  • Club sports
  • The Chamber of Commerce

In addition to maximizing your reach, make sure that your fundraiser is clear about what you’re doing and why you’re fundraising. Give your audience a reason to donate. Include photos for the campaign, and tell them how their donation will benefit the community. 

Finally, make the fundraiser easy to share and encourage your audience to pass it on to their networks.

Fundraise Year-Round with T-Shirts

T-shirt fundraisers are an easy and fast way to boost your fundraising efforts. Ordering shirts is much easier and less expensive than organizing a large fundraising event. In addition, you can sell t-shirts throughout the year, and it’s a great alternative to simply asking supporters to donate.

Consider selling t-shirts at the concession stand, setting up a booth in the school, or even asking a few local businesses to set up small t-shirt stations in their establishments.

Booster club fundraising is not always easy, but these simple ideas should help encourage engagement and make your efforts more successful.