Booster Club Software

In today’s digital world, you use computers and software for everything from shopping to communicating to working. Have you ever considered software for your booster club? Booster club software can simplify your life, free up more time for fundraising, and make your organization run more efficiently.

Features of Booster Club Software

Many booster clubs have similar challenges: disorganized administrative work, challenging fundraising, and poor parent engagement. BoosterHub’s booster club software offers solutions for all of these pain points. 

When you have the only software designed specifically for booster clubs, you’ll find it easy to use, and you’ll benefit from new efficiencies right away.

Key features of BoosterHub’s software include:

  • Volunteer management
  • Calendar management
  • Centralized communication
  • Member login and app
  • Accounting
  • Event promotion
  • Online store and sales
  • Fundraising
  • File Management
  • Tickets
  • Inventory Management

You no longer have to rely on several different vendors to help you organize your club. With BoosterHub, you have everything you need and more, in one solution.

How Booster Club Software Can Help Your Club

Investing in software can seem like yet another task you’ll have to take on. However, booster club software can help your club instantly, and it frees up time to spend on other things. The key is to invest in an integrated, all-in-one software designed specifically for high school booster clubs. Most clubs use 10-15 different apps to manage various functions of the club. Those days are over. BoosterHub’s platform is completely integrated.

Parent Communication

BoosterHub software offers a centralized location for communicating with parents. Not only does it include an easy-to-access list that makes sending communications simple, but the mobile app for members also makes it simpler than ever to log in and get information instantly. No more relying on meetings or emails — the app gives you a direct line to your parent members. BoosterHub’s chat system allows you to customize group chats to reach specific members of your booster club. The announcement system allows you to push banner notifications to your members about important and time-sensitive information. The email broadcast system allows you to send professional-looking email templates customized to your club’s colors, logo, and style. Additionally SMS messaging is available, enabling you to reach contacts, donors, a future members who are not part of your booster club yet.

Less Administrative Work

Booster clubs that run on a three-ring bind of paper and a thumb drive, or on multiple software platforms, often find themselves spending a lot of time on administrative work. Tracking different subscriptions and logins; tracking down which board member is carrying which file; or tracking down information from previous board members who have critical information stored on their private computers can be a nightmare. While managing the day-to-day operations of the club is important, it should never be so unmanageable that it takes away from the core work of the club. 

BoosterHub’s software solution makes volunteer management, calendar management, and accounting simple and easy to manage for everyone. With everything in one place, you’ll immediately free up time to spend on fundraising and other important activities.

You can assign permissions to the various modules of BoosterHub. For example, you can put one volunteer in charge of updating the website, others can be given permissions for the accounting system, still others can be put in charge of running the concession stand. These permissions and admin settings are fully customizable, so that you can move volunteers in and out of whichever area of the club you need them. There is no limit to the number of admins you can have and no limit to how often you change the settings. Set things up how you need!

Improve Fundraising 

Most things in daily life have evolved to include digital aspects, and your booster club’s fundraising should, too. With BoosterHub’s proprietary and integrated fundraising tool, BoosterBucks, you’ll be able to set up a fundraiser for your club that makes donating easier than ever. BoosterBucks is an online, peer-to-peer fundraising platform, the type of fundraiser that parents are finding is easier, more convenient, and much fewer volunteer hours required. In fact BoosterBucks doesn’t require any time commitment at all from your parents!

There’s no limit to the audience you can reach with your website, making fundraising campaigns accessible to everyone. In addition, you can set up an online store that creates a 24/7 additional fundraising stream of income. Many clubs sell various swag items such as T-shirts, ball caps, mugs, hoodies. Additionally, it is good practice to offer memberships and sponsorships for sale on your website store, so that those can be sold any day and any time as well.

Our Clubs

Booster clubs around the country have been using our software to make their lives easier. We have a variety of activities using BoosterHub, including band, choir, theatre, athletics, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, swim, basketball, ROTC, and project graduation. Some of our clubs include: 

  • Abington Heights Boys Volleyball
  • Connally High School Band Boosters
  • Cuthbertson Band
  • Georgetown Eagle Football
  • TISD On Deck Club
  • Greenville Athletic Boosters
  • Husky Athletic Boosters
  • Estancia Baseball Boosters
  • New Braunfels Band Boosters

And hundreds more in 35 states across the country! We have many clubs willing to be a reference if you would like to ask them questions about their experiences with BoosterHub.

If you are interested in saving time and improving the efficiencies of your booster club, get started with a BoosterHub free trial today. You’ll have access to the full suite of features for 45 days when you fill out our online registration form. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. We staff our live chat desk daily to immediately answer your questions. Additionally, we offer in-depth zoom demonstrations of the platform, so we can dive deeply into any or all of the features and show your board members how BoosterHub would work for your individual needs. We provide help in transitioning your club from its older software to the state of the art BoosterHub platform.