Booster Club Volunteer Management Best Practices

Managing a booster club and ensuring its success can be a difficult task. However, the reward that comes from seeing beneficiaries of the club flourish is hard to beat. Making sure that your booster club stays focused on its mission is a great way to encourage volunteers and members to step up quickly and regularly. Consider these tips for managing a thriving booster club:

Value Your Volunteers

Volunteers who feel needed are likely to continue offering their time on a regular basis. If people don’t feel that their contributions are valued, they will likely use their free time for other things. Make sure to recognize your volunteers for the time and efforts they put into the booster club.

Define Rules and Expectations

For regular fundraising events, it is important to establish booster club guidelines and rules for each role that volunteers fill. For example, if a member is expected to sell food at a sporting event, they should have documentation provided that explains how to collect money, how to document sales, and where to turn over the money at the end of their shift. Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) should exist for each regular position.

Encourage Everyone to Participate
When soliciting volunteers for an event, provide different time slots to accommodate parents who work full-time. Events may often occur after school or on the weekend. Having different days and times available gives everyone a chance to participate. If you find yourself short of hands for a particular event, notify the club as soon as possible. Provide a gentle nudge, letting them know that slots are still available to anyone who can commit to the event.

Make It Fun!

Remember, volunteering for a booster club isn’t a full-time job. Parents, friends, and other supporters are choosing to give their time to support the team that they love. Try not to micromanage volunteers — instead, allow them to support the club in the best ways they know how.