BoosterHub – The #1 Booster Club Software

In an October 2022 press release, Yahoo! Finance recognized BoosterHub as the #1 booster club software in this emerging industry. Since it launched, BoosterHub has experienced championship-level growth. In just nine months, BoosterHub surpassed the $1 million gross merchandise volume threshold.

BoosterHub’s overnight success speaks to the fact that the dynamic platform fills a long-standing void in the school booster club space. As of the press release, BoosterHub has more than 5,000 members and facilitated over 45,000 transactions. Our platform has an incredibly low single-digit churn rate, which is undoubtedly due to the fact that our customers are extremely satisfied with the product.

What’s BoosterHub?

BoosterHub is a platform designed specifically for athletic booster clubs and other organizations that conduct fundraising for high school sports teams, fine arts groups, and the like. 

The solution is offered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This means that users pay an affordable annual fee in exchange for access to the technology.

BoosterHub represents a true do-it-all solution for booster clubs around the country. The technology provides tools for managing tedious day-to-day operations so that booster clubs can be more productive. It also offers point-of-sale solutions that can be used at concession stands or event stores. 

The BoosterHub platform even provides solutions for tracking volunteer activity, keeping boosters apprised of upcoming events, and eliminating friction during fundraising. It is the solution that modern athletic booster clubs need to effectively fundraise and support their hometown sports teams.

What Makes BoosterHub the Top Booster Club Solution?

The easy answer is “everything.” All of BoosterHub’s features were carefully designed to meet the needs of high school booster clubs. The following are some of its specific tools and capabilities that continue to appeal to users.

Concession Stand Payment Processing

BoosterHub users can modernize their concession stands with the platform’s built-in payment processing tools. Instead of partnering with a third-party card processing services provider, booster clubs can gain the ability to accept contactless payments and cards via BoosterHub. 

The platform not only processes transactions but also uploads this data into its accounting hub so the club can precisely track all incoming revenue. 

Private and Public Calendars

BoosterHub’s public and private calendars help keep everyone in the loop. Booster club members can access the private calendars so they never miss internal meetings or other events. The club can make the public calendar viewable to parents and general site visitors so they can do more to support high school teams. 

Smart Websites

By signing up for BoosterHub, booster clubs gain access to their own smart website. The website is easy to set up and even easier to maintain, thanks to BoosterHub’s intuitive interface. 

The smart website can serve as a booster club’s personal online advertising channel for spreading the word about upcoming events and communicating with parents.


As any booster club president will tell you, preparing annual 990 tax return forms is a task they typically dread. Fortunately, BoosterHub makes this challenge a distant memory with its centralized accounting tools. 

With BoosterHub, a club can store all of its transactions in one place and use this data to prepare its annual return forms quickly and accurately. 

Club Chat

Club Chat is an internal BoosterHub communication solution that allows parents to communicate with one another and other booster club members. Thanks to Club Chat, parents no longer have to “friend” each other on social platforms or exchange phone numbers. Instead, they can communicate on a safe and secure platform. 

These helpful features are just a few of the highlights of BoosterHub’s capabilities. If you would like to experience the #1 booster club software for yourself, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation demo.