Boosting Revenue for Your Booster Club

Whether your booster club is part of an affluent community in a major metropolitan area or operates in a smaller, tight-knit neighborhood, raising more revenue is undoubtedly one of your top goals this coming year. The question is “how?” You are probably already using the usual tactics like operating concession stands during games and encouraging student athletes to reach out to loved ones. These tried-and-true strategies can certainly help bring in some revenue. However, they are most effective when raising funds for larger teams, not smaller clubs. Fortunately, there are a few ways to give your revenue a boost and help young athletes get funding for the sports they love. If you want to raise more money for your booster club, follow these suggestions.

Connect with the Community

Grassroots movements can be incredibly powerful. That is why step one for any booster club should be to connect with the local community. Get together with other booster club members to canvas neighborhoods, inform residents about your cause, and encourage people to get involved.

You can also host community events so residents see the great things students are doing. The booster club could coordinate with coaches to arrange a parent night. Your club can sell meal tickets and cater the event to generate funds for the team. 

Make Donating Simple

One of the biggest barriers to donating is that it is often not simple enough. While some members of your target audience likely still carry cash, many do not. 

According to a recent Gallup poll, 49% of respondents reported that they make very few purchases with cash, and 11% said that they make no cash purchases whatsoever. This means that 60% of potential donors may not even have cash on hand to donate.

The good news is that you can make it simple to donate by investing in booster club software. The easier it is to donate, the more likely it is that people will. 

Network with Local Businesses

When you need more revenue, your first instinct may be to reach out to major chains operating within your area. But while they might be able to donate, these managers also have way more hoops to jump through. This can make obtaining funds challenging, especially if time is about to expire and you need revenue fast.

On the other hand, local business owners are usually more than happy to help out local athletes and fine art students. They can also get money to your booster club quickly because they don’t have to clear the donation with a corporate office. The next time your booster club needs to rally to meet a funding goal, check with local business owners.

Get Active on Social Media

Does your booster club have a social media profile? If not, it’s time to get one. 

Staying active on social media is an excellent way to draw attention to your cause. You can communicate with parents and donors, provide updates on events, share your message, and highlight athlete accomplishments. 

When choosing which channels to leverage, be strategic. For most booster clubs, Instagram and Facebook represent the best options. However, you may want to explore other channels as well, especially if you have a large club with quite a few members. 

Upgrade Your Tech

If you really want to make donating easy and get more people involved, you need the right technology in place. A tech platform for booster clubs allows you to set up an online store, process concession payments, sell tickets, and much more.  

A dynamic booster club solution will serve as the centerpiece of all of your other fundraising efforts and help you raise more revenue for your school’s teams.