Common Mistakes that Booster Club Presidents Make

When running a booster club, it can be difficult to manage all facets of the organization. It’s almost like running a small business. The president of the club is responsible for managing events, organizing fundraisers, and ensuring that the organization operates efficiently and effectively. So what are the most frequent mistakes that booster club presidents make? If you manage a booster club, these are the things to avoid!

Not Communicating Enough

Under-communication is one of the most common booster club president mistakes. If you don’t communicate with your club regularly and often, you lose the attention of your club members and volunteers. Your booster club members have many responsibilities in addition to the club. These responsibilities may include a full-time job, raising a family, and day-to-day household tasks.

If you don’t ensure that club members are aware of upcoming events and fundraisers, they are less likely to engage. Setting up a regular communication schedule can greatly improve the success and activity of your booster club!

Events Aren’t Fun

Nothing is worse than spending your free time with people who aren’t enjoying themselves. Make sure that fundraisers and events are lighthearted and enjoyable. Ensure that your volunteers feel valued for the time they spend helping the booster club thrive. The true sign of booster club success is when members and volunteers regularly interact and willingly volunteer their time and services.

No Organization

If an event or fundraiser isn’t efficiently organized, volunteers are less likely to come back. No one wants to waste time not knowing what their responsibilities are. They need to feel that their services are valued and appreciated. A good way to overcome poor organization is to set up a list of responsibilities for each volunteer at a fundraiser. New volunteers will understand what they are expected to do, which helps ensure the event's overall success.