GHS Volleyball Booster Club Boosts Participation by 60% with BoosterHub

BoosterHub’s all-in-one platform transforms GHS Lady Eagles Volleyball Club’s membership management, fundraising, and communications to help them elevate their game and achieve their goals.


The Georgetown High School (GHS) Booster Club is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to the school's volleyball team and its activities. The club rallies parents and community members to support the team through donations and volunteering. Brett Dew, the President of the GHS Booster Club, keeps track of multiple tasks at once and ensures the club is on track to accomplishing its goals.

Problem: 18 apps to manage everything

Using different tools for communication, accounting, calendars, volunteers, and donations, made it cumbersome to get a holistic view and keep everyone updated. When the time came to transfer duties, it meant digging through information, sifting through old emails for login information, and creating new accounts in case the old ones were on personal email IDs.

Financials, especially, were a headache. Multiple platforms also meant paying for different software subscriptions, and keeping track of money going in and out was challenging. Finding financial information critical to filing taxes was time-consuming because of different Excel sheets for managers and budgets.

"We have a certain time to file those taxes and used a third party to ensure we're covering ourselves. However, getting all that financial information in one place was difficult and caused delays. The closer we get to the filing date, the more the cost increases to file those taxes."

Brett realized the club needed a solution to help manage everything in one place and make life easier for everyone involved.

Solution: An all-in-one platform

A personal recommendation led Brett to BoosterHub, and the club took part in a beta test for the new platform. Detailed training videos on the website allowed the club to get started and migrate their existing data over quickly.

Streamlined communication

The biggest game-changer for the club was the ease with which they could access information and communicate with members. Features such as calendars and contact lists were now available on one platform, and scheduled volunteer lists also helped track who handled what and when.

"Our team's moms often host dinners for the varsity players, and everyone tried figuring out whose house to go to week by week. If someone wasn't available that week, the responsibility would default to the person who did it last week, which became a burden for that person.

A volunteer list helps us schedule these dinners throughout the year. Everyone feels more comfortable knowing that, okay, this is my week, then I'm done. Someone else has been scheduled for the next week. It makes it comforting to know that things are planned out that way."

Improved payment processing

GHS also streamlined concession stand payments with BoosterHub and introduced a new avenue for revenue.

"We can now have a second card device to collect payments from different areas, such as the gym, during tournaments. Multiple payment methods allowed us to have increased revenue.

We did this last year during our Meet the Eagles event. We'd have auctions and someone would win an auction and go over. If they had a credit card, we could execute that credit card transaction right there.

We didn't have to wait until the end of the night and then say, where's that person who bought that? We made sure that when they came by, we could take care of that transaction and get that money into the system right away."

Streamlined concession payments also meant the club could process reimbursements more quickly. Previously, volunteers hesitated to spend their money on club supplies, knowing it would take weeks to get reimbursed. Instead, GHS can now reimburse them immediately, giving volunteers the peace of mind to spend club money without waiting.

Results: Better management, cost savings, and increased participation

Higher Participation

GHS saw the biggest impact on transparency and communication between the members and volunteers. With "more people in the loop," faster reimbursements, and smoother transitions, "more people felt associated with it."

"People are reaching out and asking me how they can help since they can see what's going on. They see the events, access that information, and see where help is required.

It's allowed people to step up on their own and want to volunteer, not always having me pressure them to do it. The platform enables them to go out there and see opportunities that might fit them best to help the program.”

Cost-Effective Operations

One platform also meant fewer payments to different software providers. With BoosterHub, Brett saved 30 to 40% on software costs. He can also get an overview of the concessions, which products are selling, and what needs restocking. These in-depth insights helped GHS make better decisions about running their concession stands and overall operations.

"I always thought we were losing money on nachos because we'd always throw out all this cheese sauce at the end of the night. But when I look at the numbers, that's a great moneymaker. So instead of just deciding to get rid of nachos based on what I saw, I looked at the numbers. It's a completely different story."

Continued Success

"If we didn't have BoosterHub, I know I'd have a lot more headaches, and I'd be more stressed.”

Everything in one system helped GHS Volleyball Club shoot for bigger goals. No longer worrying about the day-to-day, the club can now focus on their passion - supporting the team.