How Do I Put on a Booster Club Fundraising Event? Is There a Checklist?

If your organization has scheduled annual events, you may simply use the checklist from last year for inspiration and give it a few tweaks. Other times, you may opt for new events for booster club fundraising, which means starting from scratch.

Booster Club Fundraising Approval Checklist

Before planning the event itself, you may need approval from your school district or other governing body. Many require a brief overview of the fundraiser for approval, including:

  • The purpose of the fundraiser
  • Type of fundraiser (sales, candy drives, carnivals, etc.)
  • Date, time, and place of fundraiser, or duration if it’s longer than a day
  • Contact information of the person responsible for organizing the fundraiser and person responsible for collecting monies

Depending on your governing organization, there may be more information to submit. Check with your bylaws to see what the requirements are. Many booster clubs don’t allow individual accounts for collecting donations, so consider booster club software to handle online payments and secure the collection of funds.

Booster Club Planning Checklists

To execute a fundraising event, you first need to determine your goals and how you’ll get there. Will you sell things or hold a raffle or silent auction?

Next, determine how you’re going to acquire the items for sales. Several companies offer special fund-raising prices for booster clubs for various things, from chocolate to gift wrapping. If you’re conducting an online or silent auction, you may need a subcommittee to seek donations.

Then, select a date for the event or timeframe for sales. Make sure that the sales and payment instructions are detailed and you have a secure payment option for all participants. Finally, make sure to market the event! Build enthusiasm and offer regular updates on the amount raised to keep your momentum.