I Was Just Elected Booster Club Secretary. What Do I Do First?

Congratulations on your recent election to Booster Club Secretary! While each club may assign responsibilities differently, for the most part, booster club secretary duties are fairly consistent across the board and ideal for someone with precise attention to detail and good organizational skills.

What Does a Booster Club Secretary Do?

As part of the Executive Board, the Secretary holds an important position within the Booster Club. A Booster Club Secretary’s job is to record the official business of the club. This work includes assembling the minutes of all board meetings and preparing agendas for upcoming meetings.

You may also be required to take minutes of general booster club meetings and distribute them to the members. Other tasks may include sending out regular emails with club updates, creating the calendar of events, and counting and recording votes of any elections of the Board and the club in general.

What Should I Do First?

Consult with the outgoing secretary to review their methods of taking notes and distributing information. Review the bylaws of your Booster Club so that you’re aware of the policies and procedures of the board and the group. Familiarize yourself with the system of posting meeting minutes and how the club officers communicate with one another and with the membership body. If there isn’t a system to post minutes, create one.

Booster Hub File Manager is a user-friendly tool that allows you to share minutes and other documents easily. You can create a template so that the minutes are standardized, as well as meeting agenda templates and email templates to easily communicate with the members.

One final consideration is establishing how to hold virtual board and booster club meetings. If there isn’t a virtual protocol in place, such as a Zoom meeting or other video conferencing, then as the Secretary, you may be required to set that up.

With different COVID protocols for each school district, having a virtual backup can help ensure that your club still runs smoothly.