Is My Booster Club Paying Too Much in Fundraising Fees? 

With limited resources, booster club fundraising can be a real challenge for some organizations. Organizing a fundraiser takes time, volunteers, and money. Oftentimes, the easiest way for clubs to organize an event is through a platform that comes along with fees. Some platforms charge as much as 25-40% in fees. 

If your club is paying this much, it may not be worth all of the effort that you put into the fundraiser in the first place. Paying these high fees is not your only option. There are lots of ways that you can raise money without giving away a significant amount of your proceeds.

What Is a Good Fundraising Fee Target?

Ideally we would all love to pay 0% in booster club fundraising fees. While that’s an optimal solution, it’s just not possible in all situations. Sometimes you need services to organize an event, and fees are the best option to fund the cost.

Typically, you should target fees of 5-15%. This fee model ensures that you get to keep the vast majority of what you raise and that the effort is worth your time. 

Fundraising Ideas to Minimize Fees

Not every fundraising opportunity has to include an expensive fee. There are many ways to fundraise that can keep your fees low — or even no fees at all. Here are a few nonprofit fundraising opportunities that can help you keep your fees low.

Revenue Share with a Local Business

Local businesses are one of your best resources when it comes to fundraising. If they aren’t able to offer a corporate sponsorship, they may be open to a revenue-sharing arrangement. For every patron you send to their establishment, they’ll share a portion of the proceeds with the booster club. 

All it takes is a few phone calls and you can have a long-term fundraising revenue source in place.

Online Store

Creating an online store is a great way to set up a permanent opportunity for community members to support the club. Some online stores offer services for a fee, but it’s usually under 10%. Other services, like BoosterHub, offer a flat fee

Some items you might consider selling in your online store include:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Stickers
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee cups

If you don’t want to commit to shipping items sold in your online store, you can organize a pick-up arrangement at the school or at the concession stand.

Letter-Writing Campaign

Emails and digital communications can get lost in the shuffle. If you’re having trouble engaging supporters through digital communications, try a letter-writing campaign. Have the officers of the club — or even better, the students — write letters to members of the community encouraging them to support the organization. 

Personal letters are more effective in getting the attention of potential supporters and can be a very effective means of communication. If your organization has 501(c)(3) status, you may be eligible for reduced postage.

Keeping fees low is important to ensure that your organization meets its fundraising goals. With a few creative solutions, you can minimize your fees and keep more of your hard-earned dollars.