Is There a Good Option for Team Fundraising that Doesn’t Have High Fees?

Have you been looking for an easy team fundraising strategy that does not involve exorbitant fees or huge start-up costs? If so, then your booster club may want to consider hosting an online fundraiser

That’s right, you can generate revenue for your school’s sports teams and clubs entirely online. Let’s take a closer look at how online fundraisers work and why athletic booster clubs love this money-earning technique.

How Do Online Fundraisers Work?

There are several different ways to set up an online fundraiser. The most common approach involves adding a donation form to your existing website or creating a dedicated donor page. When donors go to the page or access the form, they can input an amount and provide payment information. 

That’s it. Within seconds, the payment will process and the funds will be deposited into the club’s fundraiser account. 

Alternatively, you can arrange an online fundraiser that functions like a traditional raffle. You can sell digital tickets and announce the winner via email. This tactic eliminates the hassle of collecting cash payments and passing out paper tickets. It also gamifies the fundraising process, as raffling off prizes taps into the competitive nature of your donors. 

Benefits of Online Fundraisers

Online fundraisers have become a go-to revenue-generating method among athletic booster clubs. This should come as no surprise; online fundraisers offer a multitude of benefits, including the following:

Fundraisers Are Easy to Set Up

You can set up an online fundraiser in minutes. All you have to do is create an account of the fundraising platform you have chosen, provide some basic information about your organization, and build your page. 

Once you have created your fundraiser, you can begin sharing the link via email and social media. Make sure to encourage your volunteers, club members, and student athletes to do the same. The more shares you get, the broader your reach. 

Fees Are Low (Usually)

Generally, online fundraiser fees are pretty low. Unfortunately, there are exceptions. A handful of popular fundraising platforms charge anywhere from 20–40% in fees. 

With that in mind, make sure to watch your game film and do plenty of research before choosing a fundraising platform. The best platforms charge minimum fees so more of the funds you raise can be allocated to the athletes. 

Funds Are Available Immediately 

In most cases, you can access funds immediately. However, some platforms will make you wait until you conclude your fundraiser before you can withdraw funds.

Review each platform’s rules closely before signing up. Ideally, you want to use a platform that gives you total control over when and how you withdraw the money you raise.

How to Win at Online Fundraising 

As you can see, online fundraising is an excellent method of generating revenue for the groups and teams you support. To make sure your online campaign is a huge success, you need the right platform. 

Speaking of the right platform, the leading booster club management solution is adding online fundraising to its broad set of features! That’s right, now you can manage accounting, payments, schedules, and your digital fundraising campaign all from one location.