My Booster Club's Parents Are Not Engaged. Help!

When running a booster club, it’s important to ensure that booster club parents, members, and volunteers are all engaged in the organization's success. A booster club that isn’t properly organized can easily fall flat, leading to disappointed children, teenagers, and parents. If you find that your booster club isn’t meeting goals and members lack interest, take these steps to get your group back on track.

Communicate Effectively and Often

If you find interest flagging among members of your booster club, it could be due to a lack of communication. Setting up a regular and predictable method of communication can work wonders to engage parent volunteers and booster club members. For example, a scheduled email sent to the booster club at the beginning of each week can provide information about future fundraisers. It can also highlight past successes and publicly thank volunteers who lent their expertise to see an event thrive.

Reach Out to Individual Members

If you find that specific people are not regularly participating in the booster club, reach out to them individually. Warmly ask them if there is anything wrong and offer assistance if so. Let them know how much you appreciated their contributions in the past. Many times a personal touch can be enough to bring less-involved volunteers back on board.

Recognize Volunteers for the Value They Add

Each time a fundraiser or special event is held, make sure to thank your volunteers for the support they offer. This can be done as a general ‘Thank You!’ to the team, or you can recognize specific efforts. For example, perhaps a parent contributed a significant amount of time preparing food for an event. Publicly thank them for their time and ask for their recipes! Truly valuing volunteers can go a long way to ensuring booster club engagement.