Traditional booster club fundraising strategies like hosting a banquet dinner, organizing a raffle, or producing customer merchandise are highly effective at generating revenue. The problem is that planning these events takes time, resources, and money. 

If your booster club needs a quick injection of cash to cover an unexpected student need, you’ll have to turn to a non-traditional fundraising strategy. When time is of the essence, online peer-to-peer fundraisers come in clutch to save the day. 

What’s Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising involves organizing a campaign for a nonprofit organization, like your booster club. Typically, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are launched by volunteers who support your club rather than the club itself. 

The goal is to recruit multiple volunteers to support and showcase the campaign on their social media pages. This allows you to maximize your reach.

Whereas banquets and other traditional fundraisers take weeks to plan, P2P campaigns can be set up in minutes. Usually, you can start collecting funds within a day once the hosting platform reviews and approves your campaign. 

Getting the Most Out of Your P2P Fundraising Campaign

P2P fundraising is a fast and efficient way to raise funds for your booster club. However, for your campaign to thrive, you’ll need two things: lots of support and a great hosting platform. 

For most booster clubs, garnering support is easy. All you need to do is tell your members, volunteers, and parents that you are launching a P2P campaign. Be clear about why you are creating the campaign and what you intend to use the funds for. 

The second part of the equation is the donation platform. You’ve got to find a user-friendly platform that has low rates. Some platforms are easy to use but charge exorbitant fees, which take valuable funding away from your booster club. 

Other platforms place a hold on the funds. This means you may not be able to access them for several days after the campaign is over.

Why BoosterBucks Is the Best P2P Hosting Platform

BoosterHub’s integrated fundraising platform, BoosterBucks, makes it easy to launch and manage online fundraising campaigns. Unlike most online fundraising platforms, BoosterBucks charges a transaction fee to your donors, which means you get to keep more of what comes in. In addition, we only charge a 5% platform fee, one of the lowest in the industry. 

BoosterBucks is also incredibly versatile. You can set up and manage multiple rallies at once, enabling your club to support several sports teams or causes simultaneously. And since BoosterBucks is integrated into BoosterHub, you’ll have near-instant access to your funds as soon as the campaign ends. 

Raise Funds Fast With BoosterBucks 

Online P2P fundraising can be a great addition to your club’s fund-generating strategy, and BoosterBucks makes it easy to mobilize donors and maximize your earnings. Don’t sacrifice large chunks of your donations by using a subpar platform. Partner with BoosterHub and leverage our integrated online advertising platform. Book a demo today to learn more.