The New Braunfels High School Band Booster, located in New Braunfels, Texas, is a dedicated support organization for the high school's band program. As a 6A high school, the band competes at the highest level among Texas schools to ensure band members receive top-tier opportunities. 

This past year the program boasted a membership of approximately 270 students who participated in the marching season and concert season in the spring. Under the leadership of Jennifer Martin, the current president, the booster club manages a substantial budget of about $500,000 for this year's activities. This budget covers all program expenses not funded by the district, including band and meal fees to ensure operations are efficient and responsive to our members' needs.

PROBLEM: Keeping Up with Changes and Money Matters

Every year, the New Braunfels High School Band Booster faces the challenge of getting a new group of parents to run things. This means dealing with a mix of skills, especially when it comes to handling money. In the past, when the budget was smaller, managing it was simpler. But as the band grew, so did the budget and the complexity of managing it. Parents without experience in finance had to step in as treasurers, leading to a lot of difficulties. 

“It was not only incredibly hard and time-consuming, but the information was inconsistent. When you have inconsistent information, it's hard to plan for next year no matter what the event is.”

The board tried to find better ways to manage things and communicate by looking into different tools and programs. But finding the right solution was tricky, and they felt stuck. On top of that, they were using an old system called "Charms" for managing everything. It was outdated and not user-friendly, making things even more complicated. This system made it hard to keep track of who had paid their fees and who hadn’t, leading to lost money.

Realizing they needed to make a change, the booster club saw that sticking to the old ways wasn’t working. They were losing money and struggling to keep everything running smoothly. It was clear they needed a new, easier way to do things to help the band program grow and succeed.

SOLUTION: An Automated and User-Friendly Platform

After diligent research, Jennifer found promise in BoosterHub’s all-in-one platform in October 2022. The platform centralized the booster's operations to bring everything under one umbrella.

What Jennifer especially appreciates about BoosterHub is the platform and team’s support and flexibility. A notable instance of this was during the club's major event, Wurstfest, where specific reporting was needed but initially absent.

Robin and Osama from the BoosterHub team came and worked at our event personally. Osama created the required report right on the spot when we needed it for the festival. I can tell you that no other program offers this kind of on-the-ground support. Typically, you wouldn't see team members present at the event itself, let alone be available to make immediate changes and adjustments as needed.

RESULTS: Enhanced Efficiency and Community Engagement

The New Braunfels High School Band Booster saw significant improvements after implementing the new platform. Even with a learning curve, the booster club transformed, particularly with the development of a new website and the introduction of an online store.

By July of 2023, the platform's impact became undeniable. The club undertook its first event registration, budgeting, and online sales through the system. This change was especially evident during Wurstfest, the club's major fundraising event, where the platform's ease of use received unanimous praise from volunteer parents. 

"Every one of our volunteer workers, who are parents, loved the system. It not only improved feedback but also led to deeper investment in our program due to its simplicity," reflects Jennifer on the shift in operational dynamics.

This new approach created a stronger sense of community and reduced stress associated with band activities, contributing to a more inclusive environment. The platform's role in streamlining communication and enhancing connectedness among parents and students has been a critical factor in this success. The financial management side also saw measurable benefits, with the club saving a lot by switching from Clover to the new system for credit card processing and sales.

Next Steps

As the New Braunfels High School Band Booster Club moves forward, the focus is on using the platform's features for upcoming events, particularly the band banquet and the night of jazz this spring. 

It's the club's first time using the ticketing platform, which should streamline event management and increase participant engagement. Due to its positive impact on past activities like Wurstfest, the club is optimistic about BoosterHub’s role in these events. The booster club is also considering adding new features, like a band-specific module, to help students. Despite the cost concerns, these features help the booster club accomplish its mission. 

Feedback from parents and volunteers will guide further improvements, ensuring the platform remains a vital tool in fostering a connected and supportive band community.