Round Rock Volleyball Is Ahead of the Game by Using BoosterHub MVP

After each sports season, the coaching staff gets together to review what went well and what they can do better next year. Often, coaches will turn to league winners for inspiration. During this process, they analyze film, look at stats, and explore ways to incorporate these insights into their own coaching strategies.

Your athletic booster club can apply these same principles to get better at fundraising during the off-season. On that note, let’s turn our attention to the Round Rock Volleyball booster club and how they’re delivering for student athletes with BoosterHub.

What Is BoosterHub?

BoosterHub is a feature-laden booster club management platform designed specifically for ABCs. As a dedicated solution, BoosterHub contains everything Round Rock Volleyball needed to revamp its athletic booster club.

Our tools and features include:

  • Concessions payment processing tools
  • Accounting capabilities
  • Public and private calendars
  • Smart websites
  • Online fundraising campaign management 
  • Secure communication tools

BoosterHub also has an affordable, three-tier pricing model so your club can access the particular features it needs to support its fundraising efforts.

How Round Rock Volleyball Gained a Competitive Edge with BoosterHub

The Round Rock Volleyball Club recently put a new board in place. As part of the transition, incoming board members wanted to replace their existing club management tools with BoosterHub. Specifically, they opted to go with BoosterHub MVP, one of our most comprehensive offerings.

With BoosterHub MVP, Round Rock Volleyball completed all their pre-season planning processes four months early! Talk about having an edge on the competition.

By transitioning to our all-in-one platform, the club’s new leadership was also able to:

Unify Its Tech Stack

Before taking advantage of BoosterHub, Round Rock Volleyball was using several different software systems and apps. As you might imagine, this created confusion when managing finances, planning events, and organizing volunteers.

Since the switch, Round Rock Volleyball can oversee all of its activities in BoosterHub’s unified platform. They can process payments, manage schedules, and communicate with volunteers in one convenient, user-friendly place.

Promote Clarity

Consolidating the club’s software suite into a single platform gave the new board members exceptional clarity. As a result, they can easily monitor upcoming events, share information, and gear up for the upcoming volleyball season. We call that an ace.

Seamlessly Transition with MVP Onboarding

If you've ever moved from one system to another, you know firsthand how big a headache the entire process can be. To avoid this hassle, Round Rock Volleyball decided to make use of BoosterHub’s MVP onboarding service.

As part of this service, BoosterHub moved all data over from the club’s existing apps and set up their new platform for them, making the transition frictionless. 

Take a Page Out of Round Rock Volleyball’s Playbook

As you prepare for your upcoming season, why not take a page out of Round Rock Volleyball’s playbook and upgrade your tech stack? Making the switch is easy, especially when you choose a partner that offers MVP onboarding services.

Join the ranks of ABC all-stars like Round Rock Volleyball and take your fundraising capabilities to the next level.