Social Media, Websites, Email — Where Is the Best Place to Update Your Booster Club Info?

The simple answer is: if you have it, it should be updated. Don't just open a Twitter account because everyone has one. Pick the media your fans and families use the most, and then keep it updated. With more people creating social media accounts each day and increasing their online presence, it’s easy to interact with just about anyone. If you’re ready to establish a booster club online, how do you know the best place to do so?

While you wouldn’t want to just sign up for just any social media account or marketing campaign, having options is essential. Let’s dive into the top tips and tricks when it comes to effectively using your booster club’s online presence.

Follow Your Supporters

The biggest tip is going where your friends, supporters, and family members are online. You can decide which is the right social media site for you by identifying where your target audience goes. The audiences of most booster clubs are on Facebook, so it’s a great place to start.

Many coaches and athletic directors use Twitter as their primary social media platform. Retweeting their posts and other district and state athletic accounts will help keep your audience informed. If your club has a great photographer and you have great pictures of your program, instagram is a great idea.

Be Consistent in Posting on Social Media

No matter which social media platform you choose, the key is consistent posting.  Even if your season only lasts for a few months, keep your posts going year round.  Consider doing coach or athlete spotlights or highlights of a past season big event.