The Tivy High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization that raises funds for and provides support to all Kerrville ISD Athletics. Lisa Dyal is the annual chairperson of a branch of the booster club, called Project Graduation. 

Every year in May, the booster club hosts Project Graduation—a night of celebration for graduating seniors. Project Graduation coordinates efforts to provide a post-graduation party, complete with dinner, prizes, and entertainment, celebrating the achievements of the graduating class in a secure environment.

Problem: Jumping through hoops to sell online

When Lisa took over as the chairperson for Tivy High School's Project Graduation, she faced a lot of challenges with the existing web management system. 

Inefficient communication and inadequate support from their web service provider resulted in delayed updates, confusion among members, and a lack of clear information for parents and students. Lisa faced a frustrating lack of responsiveness. Every time she reached out with questions or needed assistance in organizing their major fundraising event—a concert—responses were delayed or unhelpful. 

“I would email them, and there was a lack of communication. If I have a question, I need help. Just give me somebody I can talk to, but that wasn't provided.” 

The Booster Club relied heavily on its website for event promotion and coordination, and any delay could potentially impact the success of its fundraising efforts.

The service provider's fee structure was also a concern. Even for basic oversight of the website, they were charging $30 monthly. This financial aspect, coupled with the communication gap, put the Booster Club at a disadvantage. especially as they geared up for the big concert event. Lack of timely responses was the number one concern for Lisa. As they geared up for the big concert event, the website wasn’t functioning the way they needed it to and Lisa knew they needed a change.

Solution: An automated and user-friendly platform

Luckily, Lisa’s husband, the President of Tivy High School Booster Club, recommended BoosterHub, an all-in-one platform designed specifically for booster clubs. A personal recommendation was enough for Lisa to give it a shot. 

Eager for a change, Lisa, along with two other dedicated mothers, met with the BoosterHub team to explore the platform's capabilities. Their previous website's complexities stood out in contrast to BoosterHub’s user-friendly interface. With BoosterHub, handling sales for various items—from tickets to car spaces—became easier. The key innovation was the streamlined ticket-selling process, for the concert. The process allowed the team to distribute scannable tickets directly to phones.

“BoosterHub setup set up our website and showed us the ticket sales. As soon as you brought it up. You could see Project Type: Graduation, the concert, if you wanted a table, or if you wanted an individual ticket. They set all of that up for us, and it was great.”

Implementing changes became easy, too. For example, another mom was able to showcase sponsor logos and auction items on the website to boost visibility and engagement. Thanks to this feature, the Booster Club displayed sponsors who donated funds or silent auction items. The Booster Club could publicly acknowledge its supporters by highlighting their contributions on its website. It was a cyclical effect that encouraged others to participate too.

Results: Complete financial visibility and a goal-crushing event

The integration of BoosterHub brought transformative results for Tivy High School's Project Graduation. The best part? They raised $25,000. And it doesn’t stop there. 

Their treasurer, an accountant by profession, managed the financial aspects through BoosterHub's comprehensive accounting features. She was particularly impressed with the platform's ability to track and report funds specifically earmarked for Project Graduation. This clarity helped segregate funds and ensure financial transparency.

They also paid the venue based on how many people showed up, so tracking ticket sales in real time was important. Thanks to BoosterHub, they knew exactly what they owed just by looking at the ticket sales report.

“Everything runs more smoothly especially when we have different things going on. Now that we've raised that much money, we've already exceeded our goal.” 

Users also found the new website more user-friendly, increasing engagement and contributions, and feedback consistently emphasized improved accessibility and navigability.

Next Steps

Project Graduation is still months away, but complete transparency in how much they have raised gives a clear direction in terms of planning and budgeting. 

“As we get closer to May, we’ll be doing different things like signing up kids and sending out emails for you different items that we're going to be raffling off. It just gives me peace of mind that we know where the money is, we know what we've done so far, and we can go in there at any time and see where we are.”

Tivy High School plans to continue using Boosterhub to manage its fundraising efforts and stay organized leading up to Project Graduation. With the success of their 2023 event, they’re confident that using BoosterHub has made all the difference in reaching their goals and ensuring a successful and memorable graduation celebration for their students.

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