Do you feel like your booster club has exhausted all of the traditional team fundraising strategies? If so, consider one of these five booster club fundraiser ideas:

  1. Restaurant Night

Restaurant night is a tried-and-true method of raising money for sports teams and school groups. But it often gets lost in the shuffle between car washes, T-shirt campaigns, and all those other old-school money-earning plans. 

The premise of a restaurant night is quite simple. Connect with a local business and see if they will support your cause by donating a portion of one night’s proceeds to the club. Then, hype up the designated night every way you can. Post about it online, announce it at sporting events, and encourage your athletes to spread the word. 

  1. Raffles

You can dust off other traditional fundraising practices and encourage participation by going digital. That’s right, you can run a raffle entirely online. You can use digital tools to assign tickets, collect payments, and randomly generate a winner. 

Doing away with paper tickets and cash payments can help you generate more sales and maximize the return on your baskets. Advertising online raffles is way easier too, as you can post the link to the donation page on social media and ask students to share your post. 

  1. Digital Coupon Books

Remember those old punch-out coupon books and plastic discount cards? Those have gone digital too. In case it’s been a few years since you have run this type of fundraiser, here is a recap of how it works.

First, connect with 10 to 20 local businesses and ask them to support your coupon program. Hammer out the details regarding what sort of discount they are willing to provide participants. Next, create a digital coupon book using one of the many platforms out there and start selling your custom product to raise money. That’s all there is to it. 

  1. Concessions

You are probably thinking, “We already run concessions to raise money.” While that may be true, there are ways to up the productivity of this income-generating tool. 

First, make sure you are using a convenient and efficient payment platform that supports digital wallets. Next, revamp your menu to ensure it includes in-demand food items and the latest treats. If required by your local health department, consider obtaining a food service license so you are compliant with relevant regulations. 

Combining safe food handling practices with a great selection of items and modern payment tools will encourage higher sales volume. 

  1. BoosterBucks

BoosterBucks is a online peer-to-peer fundraising tool that makes it easy to rally your members for support. You simply create a rally, add participants and then BoosterBucks goes to work collecting contact information for donors. The donors are then rallied for support. Donors pay the transaction fees and BoosterBucks has a 5% platform fee.  Funds are immediately available and reporting is automated. 

Let These Ideas Work for You

There you have it, our list of five ways you can raise money for your team this sports season. When you give these winning techniques a try, you can transform your booster club into fundraising all-stars.