What Are All of the Roles and Responsibilities for Booster Club Officers?

The primary booster clubs officials' roles are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This group is known as the Executive Board. Some clubs have additional VPs for Social, Fundraising, and Communications. Your organization may also have committee chairs for specific events, with ad hoc responsibilities over the course of the year.

What Are Booster Club Roles and Responsibilities?

Each club may assign a few specific tasks differently, but overall, the roles for each position are as follows:


The President is the leader and “#1 Fan” of the club and the organization it supports. They’re ultimately responsible for the overall operation of the booster club, including fiscal matters and filling vacancies for volunteer roles. The President holds the fiduciary responsibility for the corporation.  Presidents also provide direction for booster clubs, ensuring that all booster club activities are in line with the mission of the club.

Vice President

The Vice President fills the President’s role as needed. Some VPs may oversee fundraising, and larger clubs may have multiple VPs with different responsibilities. Sometimes, the Vice President is a parent of a younger participant in the organization, learning how the club operates so that there’s better continuity of leadership and direction year over year.


The Secretary keeps all the records for the club, including meeting minutes for both Executive Board meetings and regular meetings. This officer may also be in charge of overall communications, such as sending out meeting information and regular email updates about the booster club.


The treasurer handles all financials, although many clubs have a secondary officer provide oversight to authorize expenditures. Treasurers collect fundraising donations and ensure that dues are paid. They may also create budgets for the club and serve as an accountant. Treasurers might also be responsible for procuring items for fundraisings, such as candy bars or silent auction items.

Committee Chairs

Larger programs and events may need several committees to plan them, including event planning, fundraising, and volunteer coordination. Committee chairs increase engagement among booster club members and can help alleviate the officers' workload for major events.