What Are Some Alternatives to SnapRaise Fundraising 

Online fundraising is a great way of generating revenue for your school’s sports teams and clubs. However, if your athletic booster club wants to get the most out of its fundraising efforts, it’s vital that you choose the right solution.

During your search for an online fundraising platform, you’ve likely come across SnapRaise. This well-known tool is relatively easy to use and provides you with a dedicated customer service representative, but it also charges exorbitant fees to cover the cost of this service. 

The good news is there are plenty of better options out there.

What to Look for in a Fundraising Platform

The best fundraising platforms for booster clubs feature:

Low Fees

Top online fundraising platforms offer transparent pricing and low fees so you know exactly how much of the money you raise will go to your athletes. Generally speaking, you should search for a platform that charges no more than 5%–6% in fees. Anything more than that takes money away from the teams and groups you support.

When researching prospective platforms, look for an easy-to-find pricing page. This page should break down precisely what fees are charged. If you’re having a tough time finding pricing information, there’s a good chance the platform charges high fees or tacks on hidden costs when you attempt to access your funds. 

An Easy Setup Process

Online fundraising is supposed to be an easy, convenient way to generate money for your athletic booster club. Before committing to a particular platform, peruse the information on its website to see if it offers a demo or provides any video explanations of the setup process.

If the process seems overly complicated, you should probably continue your search until you find something more user-friendly. 

Additionally, find out what sort of support the platform provides. While online fundraisers are relatively simple to manage, you want to make sure you can get help should an unexpected problem arise.

Immediate Fund Accessibility 

One of the biggest downfalls of old-school fundraising programs is that they don’t provide immediate access to your funds. Once your fundraiser concludes, they’ll deduct their excessive fees and mail you a check. It’s not uncommon to end up having to wait a month or longer to receive your funds.

Conversely, modern solutions give you near-instant access to your funds. It’s your club’s money, after all. As soon as your fundraiser wraps up, you can deduct your funds and deposit them into your athletic booster club’s account. The faster you get your money, the more good you can do.

BoosterHub: The Best Fundraising Platform for Your ABC

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Make the most of your next online fundraiser by choosing the right platform for the job: BoosterHub.