Booster club alumni are a goldmine for fundraising. However, you’ll need to get creative if you want to tap into this invaluable resource and generate vital revenue for your student-athletes. One great way of mobilizing your donors is to create multiple booster club sponsorship levels. 

The Game Plan for Sponsorship Levels

If you are ready to implement sponsorship levels, you’ll need to:

Design Your Sponsorship League

Think of sponsorship levels like a sports classification system. Your 1A and 2A donors are loyal and active, but they don’t give quite as much as the 5A alumni. The idea is to create a tiered system that allows businesses of all sizes to participate and support your club. This system should range from entry-level options that are accessible to small local businesses all the way up to major sponsorship packages for those willing to make a larger investment. 

Equip Your Donors

Sports teams need the right gear to find success on the field. The same rule applies to sponsors. Give your sponsors promotional items that make them feel like part of the squad. Each level of sponsorship could include branded merchandise like hats, t-shirts, or water bottles. Reserve the more exclusive merchandise for higher-tier donors. 

The One-Payment Play

Simplify the sponsorship process by offering a one-payment option that covers everything. Make a package that includes season tickets, a yard sign, annual banquet attendance, and a straightforward donation. This approach makes it easy for businesses to support your club without the hassle of multiple transactions. 

Logo Visibility

Show your sponsors some love by including their logos on your website, in your communications, and even on banners at the stadium. This visibility not only adds to the value of the sponsorship but also strengthens their connection to the community and your team. 

Promote Like a Pro

Offer businesses creative ways to promote their activity through your club’s events and platforms. Whether it’s a shout-out during games, space in your newsletter, or even the opportunity to sponsor specific events or equipment, make sure your sponsors feel like they’re getting MVP treatment. 

Scoring With Sponsorship Levels 

Adding sponsorship levels to your booster club’s fundraising model is a great way of maximizing engagement and generating more money for the student-athletes you support. The question is, how do you know you’ve structured your sponsorship levels appropriately?

Ideally, the top tier should be extremely exclusive, with only one to two members. The next tier should only have three to four members, and the third tier should have around anywhere from five to 10 members. Everything below should be more accessible and include basic perks, such as a T-shirt or free tickets to the homecoming game. 

This scarcity makes the upper tiers feel exclusive and can incentivize businesses to give more. 

Get Out There and Score Some Wins for Your Club

Implementing a structured sponsorship program with thoughtfully designed levels can transform the way your club interacts with its supporters and sponsors. By offering visibility and value, you’ll build a strong network of support that benefits everyone involved.