Traditionally, band software has been purchased by the school district or band director. In some instances, the district expects the band director to use generic education software that isn’t made for managing band activities or tracking instruments.

Purchasing band software is one of the many responsibilities that has been passed on to the booster club. If your booster club is on the hunt for new band software for the 2024–2025 school year, it’s time to start searching now. 

Even if your club hasn’t been tasked with this responsibility, you should take a proactive approach. Doing so can make life a whole lot easier for the band director and their young musicians.

What to Look For in Band Software

When searching for band software, there are numerous attributes you need to consider. MVP software solutions include features and capabilities such as:

Inventory Tracking

One of the major tasks on a band director’s plate is keeping up with inventory. The average band director has to track hundreds of instruments and uniforms, as well as auxiliary items such as hats, flags, and pompoms. Keeping up with all of these items manually is a full-time job. 

Adopting band software that can digitize inventory tracking will save your band director countless hours each week. More importantly, inventory tracking tools can promote stock accuracy and reduce instances of lost or damaged instruments. 

Secure Communication

The best band software also includes secure, built-in communication tools that allow the band director to relay information to parents, students, faculty, and booster club members. Look for a solution that includes user-friendly messaging capabilities as well as a mobile app. 


The ideal band software will feature scheduling capabilities as well. A band director can use these tools to book everything from practices to concerts and fundraisers. 

If you choose a platform that is integrated with your booster club management software, you’ll be able to view the band schedule in real-time. You can use these insights to book volunteers and support the school’s students. 

Payment Processing

The school’s allocated budget is rarely enough to cover all of the expenses a band will incur during a given school year. By adopting band software with payment processing capabilities, you can help the band director with fundraising. 

Again, it’s important that the software be connected to your booster club management tools. This enables you to keep track of revenue and expenses. 

BoosterHub: The Best Choice For Bands

BoosterHub is the premier booster club management platform. It is now the leading choice for band management, too. Our latest release, BoosterHub for Bands, is launching this Spring. It will include new features for inventory management in addition to all the great functionalities you know and love. 

Choosing New Software

BoosterHub is the clear number-one draft pick in your search for new band software. With BoosterHub, you can unify band management workflows and core booster club processes. Take the hassle out of fundraising and band management with BoosterHub for Bands, the leading solution for athletic and band booster clubs. Book your demo today.