What’s the Best Way to Communicate to Our Booster Club Members? 

Booster clubs depend heavily on coordination and engagement from members. The best-run booster clubs are usually the ones with the best communication mechanisms. If members are in the dark about what’s going on, you are unlikely to get support when you need it. Try these tips for effective communication in your club:

Stay Modern

Booster clubs used to be run solely via in-person meetings and paper. Times have changed, so your communication practices should too. Your booster club members likely use their mobile devices to communicate and organize their lives, so sending texts, emails, or using an app is often most effective.

If your club is still relying on meetings and mail to pass along information, you are less likely to see engagement and attract new members.

Send Reminders

In today’s digital world, people are bombarded with messages on their mobile devices. Notes about the booster club can easily get lost in the shuffle so sending a message once usually isn’t enough to be effective.

If you are seeking volunteers, start sending out communications early so you can send one or two reminders. Busy parents often need a nudge or two before they engage, so don’t give up after your first communication. 

With booster club software, you can even use calendars to set up automatic messages, so sending reminders is easier than ever. You can also use an app that sends push reminders and alerts to members.


While reminders are a necessary part of communicating, you don’t want to overload parents with communication. After a while they may just start ignoring your messages. 

The best thing you can do is be concise and make sure every communication includes a variety of information in one place. For example, send required information like the start and end times of an event with promotional information like volunteering opportunities or links to your online fundraiser.

You should also make an effort to be thorough yet brief with information sharing. Members want details, but they don’t want to wade through long messages to get the information they need. Get to the point without extra fluff and unnecessary information.

This information should also be accessible so that parents don’t have to go back digging through messages. Utilizing an app where they can easily find the information they need is an effective way to streamline.

Be Consistent

You may sometimes want to change up communication styles with club members, but it’s important to stay consistent. Once members are used to getting weekly updates or text reminders about events, they rely on these modes of communication for information. 

Stay organized so that members know exactly where to go and what to expect for information. If your modes of communication are all over the place, it is far more likely that things get lost in the shuffle.

Communicating effectively with your booster club members isn’t always easy. Booster club software, like BoosterHub, can go a long way in helping you stay organized and make it easier to share information.